Dr. Abdul Munir Mulkhan

Abdul Munir Mulkhan was born in the town of Jember in the Indonesian province of East Java in 1946. He received his BA from the Department of Religious Interpretation at Raden Intan Islamic State University in Lampung, Sumatra, and his MA and Ph.D. in the field of Social and Political Science from Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia – graduating cum laude on each occasion.

For many years Dr. Munir has been an active member of the governing board of the Muhammadiyah, the world’s second largest Muslim organization with an estimated 30 million members. He has served as Vice-Secretary of the organization as a whole (2000-2005); as Secretary of the Office for Organization and Cadres; Secretary of the Council of Religious Interpretation; and as a member of the Council for Higher Education Research and Development. Since 1996 Dr. Munir has been a member of the editorial board of Suara Muhammadiyah (the Muhammadiyah’s official publication), and since 2002 has served as head of the Central Muhammadiyah Board’s “Good Governance” Council, with a primary task of eliminating corruption. In addition, Dr. Munir previously served as Vice-Secretary of the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars.

Dr. Munir is a member of the faculty of Sunan Kalijaga National Islamic University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  He has conducted post-doctoral research at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, and served as Visiting Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore. He is currently active as a Libforall Foundation Fellow and member of Libforall's Board of Advisors.

Dr. Munir is the author of over 40 books and hundreds of articles published in various prominent magazines and newspapers.


Dr. Abdul Munir Mulkhan (seated, facing camera), in the office of  former president and Libforall patron Kyai Haji Abdurrahman Wahid (seated left). Standing, from left to right: Yuke (bassist in the rock group Dewa); Libforall CEO Holland Taylor; Ahmad Dhani (Libforall board member and leader of Dewa); Once (Dewa's lead singer); and Sonia Sri Suryani, Libforall's Director of Grants & Programs, Indonesia.


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