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Islam, the State & Civil Society:

Contemporary Islamic Movements and Thought

Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction, by Komaruddin Hidayat and Ahmad Gaus AF

Preface:  Return of the Lost Child: The Position of Munawir Sjadzali in the Center of Contemporary Islamic Thought, by M. Dawam Rahardjo

Section One: Discussing Islamic Law, Discussing the State

Islamic Law on the Fringe of the Nation State, by Azyumardi Azra

The Contextualization of Islamic Law, by Zainun Kamal

The Ideal State from the Perspective of Islam and its Implementation in the Present Age, by Masyukuri Abdillah

Islam, the State and Civil Society: the Christian and Muslim Experience, by Olaf Schumann

The Secularization of Society and the Indonesian State, by Yudi Latif

Section Two: Democracy in Muslim Countries

Democracy and Religion: the Existence of Religion in Indonesian Politics, by Bahtiar Effendy

The Role of Telematics in the Democratization of Muslim Nations, by Marsudi W. Kisworo

The Impact of Misunderstandings between Islam and the West, by Mun’im A. Sirry

The Democracy Deficit in the Islamic World, by Sukidi Mulyadi

Part Three:  Civil Society Jurisprudence in the Discourse of Political Islam

Is Religious Jurisprudence Still Relevant?  New Perspectives in Political Islamic Thought, by Luthfi Assyaukanie

The Jurisprudence of Civil Society versus the Jurisprudence of Power: a Bid to Reform Political Islam, by Zuhairi Misrawi

Reforming Islamic Family Law in Indonesia, by Siti Musdah Mulia

Good Governance in Islam: Concepts and Experience, by Andi Faisal Bakti

Staking Out the Principles of an Alternative Islamic Jurisprudence, by Abd Moqsith Ghazali

Part Four: Contemporary Islamic Movements and Thought

Islamic Feminist Movements and Civil Society, by Nurul Augustina

Leaving Contemporary Islam, Heading in the Direction of a Different Islam, by M. Qasim Mathar

Avoiding “Bibliolatry”: The Importance of Revitalizing Our Understanding of Islam, by Ulil Abshar-Abdalla

Sufism and Liberal Islam, by Julia D. Howell

HAM [Indonesian Human Rights Association] and the Problem of Cultural Relativity, by Budhy Munawar-Rachman

The Typology of Contemporary Islamic Movements in Indonesia, by Komaruddin Hidayat and Ahmad Gaus AF


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