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Transcript from the Television Program Obsesi

aired June 18, 2005 on Indonesia's Global TV Network


Presenter:  Yesterday morning the group Dewa received an award from an international foundation, thanks to the lyrics of its album Laskar Cinta, which are rich in spirituality and the conditions needed to produce peace.  But is it true that this is merely a strategy of Dewa, to repair its image in the wake of its conflict with [the radical Islamist group] FPI?

Because Laskar Cinta’s lyrics are considered to possess moral value—full of spirituality and divine love for the Creator, so as to produce peace and religious tolerance in Indonesia—the group Dewa received an award yesterday morning from a foundation based in America, in the presence of the Republic of Indonesia’s ex-president, Abdurrahman Wahid—or Gus Dur, as he is usually known. 

As usual, Dhani acted as the group’s spokesman, rejecting the view that receiving the award was just a way to burnish the group’s image, which for some time has been the subject of strong protests by FPI—which claims that the eight-pointed star logo on the cover of Laskar Cinta insults the Muslim community.

Dhani:  "[Some people claim] that Dewa’s lyrics deviate from the truth of Islam.  In fact, we value everyone’s right to their own opinion, whether they consider our music to be heretical, or deeply spiritual...”

Concerning the conflict with FPI—which has already begun to abate—Dhani acknowledged having been inspired to write the lyrics of a song entitled Laskar Cinta for his next album.  Without mincing words, he characterized FPI’s behavior by explaining that the Truth resides only in the hearts of people who are free of hatred for others.

Dhani:  “… the “Truth” dwells the hearts of those who [love and] are free of hatredIn my opinion, the reason people hate those who belong to a different faith or group, is because their own hearts are possessed by the devil....  That’s what the lyrics for the song Laskar Cinta will say, on our next album.”

Presenter:  Truly, peace for all of humanity can only be created or emerge from hearts that are pure and free of hatred, always thinking positively, and not merely focused on their own self-importance.


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